SUSAN HAMILTON’S TECHNOLOGY CONCERN is a sporadically recurring newsletter hastily written and edited by the friends and family of one SUSAN HAMILTON (1981–2006), who died as she lived.* The value proposition of signing up is this: each newsletter might contain

  • A crossword written by someone you know
  • Letters from another magazine’s editor
  • Sobituaries (sexy obituaries)
  • Life experience post-mortems
  • The last computer screenshot you took
  • Speculative fiction
  • Specular fiction: stories about mirrors

The newsletter, previously laid out by the hands of printers who demanded increasingly higher bribes, was converted into its present electronic form not that long ago and then massively disseminated for selfish material reasons. All you have to do is cough up an email address and a CB radio handle (which might just be your name [but ideally is your CB radio name]).

* In a house.

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